About The Vape Database

Welcome to v2 of The Vape Database.

Vaping has come a long way over the years, and I began to find it difficult to keep up with all of the latest vaping gadgets available. Even more-so, what they were, if they fit together, and what parts they actually used. How often have you found yourself wondering what size that oring is, or how wide is that atomizer, will it fit flush on my mech mod?

Well, version 1 was my answer. If I could provide as much information as I could gather, in the one place, it would become a great resource for vapers all over the world. And so I built it, and it was a great resource.

Push forward nearly a year later, I began to see a need for other features, others showed some interest in collaborating, and helping to build the database from knowledge that they had gathered themselves.

A complete rework was in order. And so I built it, and here it is, the original Vape Database on steroids.

Here are some of the new features:

Powerful Search

The Vape Database has a powerful search behind it. You can search for all of the latest mods, atomizers, clearomizers, and more. Everything in the Vape Database is searchable by keyword, company, and even category. There are future plans for an even more advanced search, but that is a story for another day.

Product Specifications

The listings in the Vape Database are not just standard product listings. We are constantly looking for data that is hard to find. Oring sizes, Post Screw sizes, fill screw sizes, thread sizes, that sort of thing. We know that you are looking for that type of data, and that is what we try to provide (where we can of course)

Product Reviews

We've created a review system that allows each item in the database to have multiple reviews. The people that use the devices are the best people to give feedback, so we've opened up reviewing for anyone and everyone, whether you are logged in or just a visitor.

Product Submissions

We had a lot of people wanting to contribute to the first Vape Database. So we created an account system, and a way to easily allow people to submit data to us, all at the push of a button. The best part, all contributors are attributed on the listings that they provide. You'll also recieve a link to your website from the listing, editable in your profile of course.

Product Comparison

All products can be compared. Let's say you want to compare the Kayfun Lite's specs next to the Kayfun Plus. Now you can. This is a fantastic feature for when you are researching which device to purchase next. Compare them all and make an informed decision!

Researching products has never been this easy.