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A Clearomizer is a tough one to categorise. The word Clearomizer is from the early days when tanks either came with steel side walls, or glass/plastic. The glass/plastic tanks were called clearomizers, as you could see through them.
The main difference between a 'Clearomizer' and an 'RTA' is that the Clearomizer's coils are premade and replaceable. They will usually come in packs, and be able to be replaced very quickly by simply screwing into the base.
As with all things, innovation has blurred the lines a little these days, as some 'Clearomizers' also support aftermarket 'RBA' decks to allow the user to put their own builds on.
It's little wonder that these Clearomizer tanks are desirable of late, the ability to swap out coils easily, makes them very beginner friendly.